May 30, 2020

Vulgar lawyers at O'Melveny

       As I was writing the last post about law students who felt misled by O'Melveny's Vault ranking – I noticed something. The one law student in that group who will actually work at O’Melveny had picked a vulgar moniker. His moniker was, “attenuate my taint.” The others picked unremarkable monikers, but when picking his moniker, the O'Melveny person wanted you to think of his taint.1 It made me wonder if I should do a blog post about the vulgar people I met at O’Melveny. The challenge here is O’Melveny’s threat to sue me for defamation. Even if I’m telling the truth, I don’t want to be caught in a defamation case with only “he said, she said” evidence. That’s why I rely on news articles and other public documents to support the blog’s thesis. 

       But there's one public example, the O'Melveny attorney who left around 2015 to make a sex product. The commercial speaks for itself. This is from the mind of an O'Melveny lawyer. Any way, I can't say more, but if you run into a vulgar person at O’Melveny, you won't be the first. 


1 I googled around a bit to learn about the moniker, and found this reference to illegally attained evidence, as well as a slang term for a purported Bush-era interrogation techniqueIncidentally, if you want to know who this person is, I also found this post he wrote, in which he says he is attending law school in the San Francisco area, he will be a summer associate at O’Melveny in 2020, he plans to move to Los Angeles, and he is married to an attorney.
O'Melveny, omm