April 21, 2017

O'Melveny's threatening letter

       Their General Counsel Martin Checov sent me a letter on April 18. The letter does not comment on torture, their deficient human resources department, or their retaliation against employees who complain. And it does not contain an apology. 

       Instead, they observe me networking for a job and accuse me of stealing these people's contact information from O'Melveny. They threatened legal action if I did not confess and return the data by April 24. They apparently contrived what would technically be a crime in an attempt to harm my life. I replied immediately and reminded them that they have absolutely no digital evidence for their accusation (I wouldn't even know where to find such a list in their systems, never mind downloading it), and I listed the public sources I had used.

       They also accused me of making "false statements," and I asked them to identify any false statement on this website.

       Martin Checov and Director of Human Resources Stephanie Bradshaw called me on April 20. They asked me to take this site down. I refused; if this site existed five years ago I may have found it and avoided a mess. But to ease a frightening situation, I gave them the opportunity to do the right thing, by offering to be retroactively reinstated into a group willing to work with someone who protested retaliation and torture -- if one exists anywhere in the firm (it doesn't). And I again asked them to identify false statements on the site.

       [Addendum: To answer a question, I never asked O'Melveny for money. This website was not published for money; it was published to inform. The only possible exception might be the offer above to be retroactively reinstated, which would result in a salary, but that offer was not made for money. If I merely wanted money, I could have likely gotten it by hiring an employment lawyer and sending a private letter instead of creating this website.]