Table of contents

When I started this website in 2017, I never imagined it would grow this large. I'm not a for-profit writer, the kind obligated to produce articles every week. I only write when I hear of something troubling related to O'Melveny, and then only if there is no risk of violating defamation law. But the website has now grown so large that I guess it needs a table of contents. Any way, I hope this work helps people seeking information about this law firm.

  1. Introduction and summary

  2. Retiring this blog

  3. O'Melveny's chief operating officer almost killed himself

  4. Artifice and the failure of First Republic Bank

  5. Don't expect sympathy from O'Melveny's partners; they have their own problems

  6. O'Melveny allegedly tricked a surgical center into accepting its cheap medical insurance

  7. What an of counsel makes at O'Melveny

  8. Attorney sues O'Melveny after being fired for "too many pro bono hours"

  9. What an O'Melveny partner's profit distribution documents look like

  10. Judge criticizes O'Melveny's lack of professionalism

  11. The world of banking lawyers, and our current high inflation

  12. Greg Jacob and his friend Michael Luttig

  13. Life at O'Melveny

  14. Law can be an unpleasant profession (and my exchange with Amy Wax)

  15. If a minority sues for rape or discrimination, use one of their people to fight them

  16. Dan Petrocelli's son was arrested

  17. Elon Musk tried to harm a government lawyer who did his job, instead of monetizing it

  18. Winners and losers in America's opioid era

  19. O'Melveny's suspicious "independent investigation" prompts a coordinated response

  20. Bimal Patel got his money at PayPal

  21. New rape accusation shows why O'Melveny's "independent investigations" aren't trustworthy

  22. O'Melveny embarrasses their client with a reportedly "absurd" letter

  23. Why I can't expand this site beyond O'Melveny & Myers

  24. O'Melveny's generous perquisites

  25. After relying on O'Melveny, California's governor gets blamed for a needless two billion dollar loss

  26. O'Melveny's friend Thomas Barrack got arrested for doing something ingrained in O'Melveny's culture

  27. McDermott, Will & Emery shows how easy it is to game Firsthand/Vault's "best firm to work for" award

  28. Follow-up to the Brian Brooks and Bitcoin post

  29. Brad Butwin's Jewish privilege

  30. Brian Brooks used his position in government to boost Bitcoin, and I'm curious to see how this plays out

  31. O'Melveny tried to stifle anti-corruption laws

  32. Another example of reporters fixing wrongdoing in the legal system

  33. What it means to "think like a lawyer," and the COVID-19 pandemic

  34. A dark profession

  35. O'Melveny hopes its clients get sued

  36. Favoring the children of prominent people

  37. Old tale; new tactics, victims and weapons

  38. O’Melveny chose not to stop racist comments about a judge, and partners "dating" associates

  39. "Top-ranked" restructuring partner gets recruited to O'Melveny; leaves two months later

  40. O'Melveny lawyer threatened scientists in a way that had "life-and-death consequences"

  41. O'Melveny's human resources

  42. O'Melveny's Chair Brad Butwin lied about coronavirus pay cuts

  43. Law students complain that O'Melveny's Vault rankings are misleading

  44. The Mansfield Rule and the lucrative world of law firm diversity marketing

  45. O'Melveny hires attorney accused of mistreatment at his prior firm

  46. Another case in which O’Melveny fights alleged Chinese torture victims

  47. Monetizing government positions

  48. Attorney joins O'Melveny, loses her health and her child, and O'Melveny's benefit provider is fighting her disability claim

  49. The feast or famine life of an O’Melveny partner

  50. Allen & Overy walks away from O'Melveny merger

  51. O'Melveny's revenue-obsessed lawyers might not give the best advice

  52. Subjective, false and misleading

  53. Did O'Melveny ruin Vault's honor system?

  54. O'Melveny's opioid "pipeline"

  55. Giving up revenue to help opioid victims

  56. An O'Melveny alumnus gets arrested while negotiating an "independent investigation" retainer

  57. O'Melveny shows off money they made off of an alleged rape victim's misery

  58. Does an O'Melveny lawyer's profit motive interfere? (Please let me tell you about "margin")

  59. Please feel free to contact me if you need help

  60. CBS's accused sexual assaulter hires O'Melveny

  61. O'Melveny & Myers and Allen & Overy -- two firms that reportedly enabled Harvey Weinstein's sexual assaults -- are about to merge

  62. How O'Melveny reportedly whitewashed sexual harassment at Lionsgate

  63. Which law firms lie on their Vault self-reports? Here is a way to find out

  64. Another threatening letter from O'Melveny

  65. More whitewashing

  66. The late Judge Reinhardt's time at O'Melveny

  67. O'Melveny's sexual harassment investigations

  68. O'Melveny reportedly threatened one of Harvey Weinstein's victims

  69. You had to pretend a lot

  70. Vault tells minorities to join shrinking and demographically stagnant firms

  71. Don't complain about torture or discrimination to Bank of America's General Counsel David Leitch

  72. O'Melveny's threatening letter

  73. O'Melveny, torture, and mandatory arbitration and nondisclosure agreements