February 11, 2018

O'Melveny's sexual harassment investigations

       I just read that Wynn Resorts hired O'Melveny to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct by Steve Wynn. Guess has also hired O'Melveny to perform "an extensive and impartial investigation" into alleged sexual harassment by Paul Marciano (and Guess legal head Anne Deedwania used to work at O'Melveny). Assisting with the Guess investigation is Glaser Weil, the firm men hire when accused of sexual harassment in the #MeToo era.

       Interestingly, the Wynn article digresses to assure readers that Daniel Petrocelli will not be involved (he's the O'Melveny attorney who reportedly used violent imagery to threaten one of Harvey Weinstein's victims); it states the investigation will be led by Apalla Chopra. I don't know anything about Mr. Petrocelli as I never spoke a word with him. But I sat right next to Apalla Chopra and overheard the callous way she talked about victims -- sometimes with comments so shocking and disconcerting that I had to get up and go for a walk to get my mind off of it. I left the law because of the things I saw at that firm.

       O'Melveny also wrote an article offering to help clients build a culture that "rejects sexual harassment."  

       If O'Melveny is being paid to investigate your company, and you are a victim, I hope you find this blog, take caution and consider hiring an attorney before participating in any way. Based on my observations, O'Melveny may not be objective in these investigations; and they may use every maneuver and legal technicality to marginalize the victims, protect the wrongdoers and minimize liability for the organization.

       [Addendum: Both Wynn and Guess later replaced O'Melveny.] 
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