April 25, 2020

O'Melveny hires attorney accused of mistreatment at his prior firm

       Mr. Michael Hamilton and Mr. Tim Evans recently returned to O'Melveny from DLA Piper. Both of these men were named in a lawsuit at their prior firm -- one filed by a woman who spent much of her life struggling to raise her child as a single motherMr. Hamilton was named as an individual defendant and Mr. Evans's name appears in the body of the complaint. The only other attorney named as a defendant, Mr. Michael Meyer, also suddenly left DLA Piper this month.

       Mr. Hamilton reportedly asked O'Melveny if he could return last October which, by an interesting coincidence, is exactly when DLA Piper publicly parted ways with an attorney accused of mistreating employees in a separate case.

       You can read the full complaint here. Of course, I do not know if the plaintiff's allegations are true; I don't know any of the people involved and just learned of the complaint. And unfortunately for the plaintiff, her lawsuit was forced into mandatory arbitration, and then dismissed by the arbitrator (see here for a N.Y. Times article questioning the fairness of this process, which is why law students asked law firms to stop using mandatory arbitration provisions.)
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