October 11, 2021

Why I can't expand this site beyond O'Melveny & Myers

      Sometimes a reader will ask if I can expand this site to cover other law firms. Well, you have to understand that although it's important to shine a light, and although I am grateful to journalists who are willing to gaze into the abyss . . . writing this blog can be an unpleasant experience. (Working on this has taught me that I would not have made a good journalist. I don't really like writing about troubling things.)

      Beyond that, there's the time commitment. In a few hours per month, I can compile and summarize every troubling public story related to O'Melveny (along with private stories that the teller wants me to publish, assuming I can do so without any risk of violating defamation law.) But to do that for the profession as a whole would be a full-time job.

      So if you would like to see other organizations covered, please feel encouraged to set up a site like this about them. If you focus on one, it won't take much time, and you might do some good.
   O'Melveny, OMM