March 31, 2024


       I've gotten other tips, but I won't do a full write-up because I don't want to keep wading into this. Hopefully seventy posts are enough. However, below are the links. I do not intend to keep adding tips below so please don't view this as a running list.
  • Prosecutors abandoned a case against three music collectors after Eagles singer Don Henley (who filed the charges) admitted to misleading the court by withholding key documents. O'Melveny's Dan Petrocelli said this outcome was "unjust" because Mr. Henley shouldn't have been asked for those documents. There's a post here juxtaposing the three meek collectors with stories from Mr. Henley's past, and perhaps O'Melveny's, but again that's for someone else to write. 
  • After O'Melveny and its client Trader Joe's filed what many thought was a frivolous trademark suit against its employee union -- the judge called it "an attempt to weaponize the legal system to gain advantage in an ongoing labor dispute" and came "dangerously close to the line of Rule 11" sanctions. The union's attorney said O'Melveny "should be ashamed of what they did." (Good luck with that expectation. I guess he didn't read this blog.)