October 2, 2018

Please feel free to contact me if you need help

       Two weeks ago, someone wrote me anonymously to complain of sexual offenses by a partner at a law firm. I wanted to help this person, but I couldn't put the partner or firm on this website, due to a lack of personal knowledge or corroborating evidence. Doing so could be unfair to the accused party and libelous (I need to be careful because some firms are vicious when trying to cover up mistreatment, as you can see from O'Melveny's two threatening letters.) Faced with this catch-22, I came up with an effective solution that was very well-received by the person who wrote me.

       If you are being assaulted, discriminated against or harassed at a law firm, or if you witness such things, I can help. At the very least, I can be a witness to what you are going through, and perhaps do more. Please feel free to contact me at admin@omelvenymyersethics.org, including anonymously via untraceable email systems like proton mail. Please note that if you contact me, I would not be acting as your attorney and there will be no attorney-client relationship. But I will help if I can.